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Geoblink Team. Credit: Geoblink

Geoblink launches an open portal to inform weekly on the Coronavirus impact across the retail ecosystem

Considering the economic impact the Coronavirus has brought along in its midst, Geoblink, the Location Management platform powering the new retail, has decided to help the sector by launching an open portal today for professionals of the retail ecosystem to consult and monitor the impact COVID-19 is having on different territories and industries through the use of population movement and consumption data across the United Kingdom.

Some of the most relevant data insights:

  • Consumers Variations in footfall patterns in relation to the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases:Data insight from last week (16/03-22/03): Footfall was down by 75% on Sunday, 22/03, in Inner London – East county as 622 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed.
    Footfall was down by 68% on Sunday, 22/03, in Outer London – South county as 254 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed.
  • How people’s movement and consumption behaviour have changed throughout the course of the pandemic in comparison to weeks with normal activity prior to the Coronavirus crisis:Data insight from last week (16/03-22/03): The automotive category (gas stations and car dealerships) experienced the greatest increase in footfall traffic last week, followed by Education and Pharmacies & Optician’s Shops. 
  • Retail brands that are attracting footfall in front of their establishments by category:
    Data insight from last week (16/03-22/03): The Co-operative Food ranked 1st place in the Food & Beverage category for attracting footfall around their supermarkets last week.
  • Footfall patterns over the past 30 days for specific supermarket brands such as Iceland, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.
    Data insight from last week (16/03-22/03): Marks & Spencer experienced the greatest decrease in footfall nationwide, with a 73% drop in pedestrian traffic around their retail locations.

Rafa Pulido, Chief Operating Officer at Geoblink, comments on the State of the Retail Ecosystem in 2020 monitoring portal: “COVID-19 has hit the entire retail ecosystem hard and without warning, but its impact on consumer behaviour may hit even harder and have long-lasting side effects. Retailers will have to reconnect with consumers once again, making data their biggest ally. This open portal was made to support the industry and provide professionals with information to help them be prepared for what the future of retail will be like once this is over. Consumers’ habits have been irrevocably altered as a result of COVID-19’s impact on society as a whole. Retail will bounce back, but it won’t be the same just as consumers won’t be the same or shop in the same manner for some time after overcoming this crisis”. 

The initiative aims to make information on population movements and consumption behaviour readily available to retail professionals. This may help them when making business decisions related to current events. 

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