Daily Archives: December 17, 2019

Early Planning Helps Väla Centrum Create an Instagrammable Experience

Christmas at Swedish shopping center Väla Centrum didn’t begin in December. It began in March. At the top of marketing manager Ulrika Nordström’s wish list was the transformation of the large spaces within the shopping center with stand-out lighting and … Continue reading

ACROSS becomes “The European Retail Real Estate and Placemaking Magazine”

The European retail real estate industry is yet again facing serious changes. The flow in the big developers’ development pipelines is decreasing significantly. New developments of conventional shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe are in short supply; we believe … Continue reading

Taking a look at Germany’s first urban outlet center

The year was in December of 2007, when the first phase of designer outlets Wolfsburg opened its doors with approximately 50 stores in Lower Saxony’s eponymous town in. So far, so normal, one would think. However, quite the opposite was … Continue reading