Daily Archives: November 14, 2016

Putting retailers, agents, and landlords together

ACROSS: Could you please explain the history and the idea behind Completely Retail Marketplace events? SIMON MILLAR: Completely Retail Marketplace started in the UK five years ago as a direct response to a requirement from the retail property market for … Continue reading

“Emotions can of course arise toward a building”

ACROSS: The BCC transaction process with Rockcastle closed in September. How was the selling process itself? ÁRPÁD TÖRÖK: BCC is one of the best city centers in Krakow and one of our best developments overall from many perspectives. We didn’t … Continue reading

My father: “Listen to the people—it’s music!”

I was nine and it was one of those special days that thread ideas through the years. He’d taken me for an ice-cream, there was the flavor of vanilla, chatter, and the clack, clack of table football punctuated by “goal!” Of … Continue reading