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Mixed-use projects and new relationships between investors and service providers

By José Falcão Mena The shopping center sector is currently expanding at the international level. With specialized companies entering the sector in developing countries of North Africa and South America, together with the economic recovery of mature markets like those … Continue reading

40 % of visitors choose a shopping center based on the available dining options

The study has shown that 40% of visitors base their choice of shopping center primarily on the available dining options – and not on the variety of other stores. 60 % of those surveyed eat at the center nearly every time … Continue reading

“Poland is our main focus”

ACROSS: On December 1, 2015, TPG Real Estate closed its acquisition of TriGranit. How do both enterprises benefit from this transaction? ÁRPÁD TÖRÖK: After a long period of stagnation, the last couple of years brought a steady awakening to the … Continue reading

More than just a shopping center

More than just a shopping center The current largest shopping center development project in Switzerland is the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon, near Lucerne. ACROSS wanted to ask Marcel Stoffel, Managing Director of the Swiss Council of Shopping Centers (SCSC), … Continue reading

Poland: Highest Annual Volume of Transactions in History

In accordance with the latest research by Savills, the annual volume of investment transactions in 2015 in Poland exceeded €4.0 billion, which was the second-highest result in history, while the last quarter of the year was the most active one … Continue reading

Focus on the Swiss Shopping Center Market

In 2014, Swiss shopping centers increased their turnover, albeit only slightly, by 0.5%. That’s about the same growth as in the previous year, 2013 (+0.4%). This growth is put into perspective, however, when one notes that the retail area increased … Continue reading

Where Tacos, Burgers, and Doughnuts Meet Wiener schnitzel

By Peter Pointner The Austrian restaurant scene is currently blooming as hardly ever before. Young, dynamic restaurateurs are scoring points with new, style-conscious, and tasty concepts. International system catering is also warming to the Alpine republic, however. At the end of … Continue reading

Outlet Shopping

In early February, a press release made the rounds in the industry. “Ares Management Real Estate Fund Acquires Two Designer Outlet Centers in France in Partnership with McArthurGlen,” was the title. Specifically, Resolution Property divested itself of objects in Troyes … Continue reading

For shoppers and tourists

  Zsar Outlet Village and Hurppu Horizon Centre, a luxury holiday resort, recently announced a partnership to develop tourist facilities and activities in Virolahti, South-Eastern Finland, by the Baltic Sea. The target is to attract Finnish, Russian, and Asian tourists to … Continue reading

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS III – Let’s talk about lease length!

BY STEFFEN HOFMANN In view of a quasi-zero-interest rate environment in most industrialized nations today, institutional investors are shifting a more substantial share of their global asset allocations towards real estate as an asset class. Traditional fixed-income investments simply do … Continue reading