Daily Archives: January 13, 2016

“Marketing plays a key role”

  ACROSS: How important is marketing for a mixed-use-property like Eurovea? HAMMER: Before the opening and during the opening period marketing communication was very different from what it is now. At first it was important to build a brand for … Continue reading

Inside Bratislava

After several relatively subdued years, the retail landscape in Bratislava seems to be coming alive again. This is not because of the amount of retail space added in 2015, which was still relatively small. Instead, it is primarily due to … Continue reading

Do you understand the young shoppers?

BY MANUEL JAHN Incessant structural change in the retail sector has always led to the flourishing of new concepts while driving others – sometimes slowly, sometimes almost overnight – out of the market. Shifts in sales in e-commerce are of … Continue reading

Switching on in Frankfurt

On November 23, thousands of lights went on as part of a light installation in the Frankfurt shopping center Myzeil. MK Illumination, Europe’s leader in illumination, created an enormous enchanted forest for the holiday season. Four to six meter-high deer … Continue reading