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credits:bieder&maier / zara
credits:bieder&maier / zara

Young Austrian coffee brand Bieder & Maier in the world`s first Zara Collective Café in Dubai

After winning the prestigious FAB Award for “Airport Coffee/Tea Shop of the Year” at Vienna Airport, the cooperation with the world’s first Zara Collective Cafe in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai has now followed.

Bieder & Maier has managed to combine tradition and innovation in a wonderful way. Behind the brand is Valentin Maier, a passionate barista and coffee connoisseur, who perfectly combines the classic Viennese coffee house tradition with the requirements and values of modern coffee art. Handcraft, experience and extensive travels from Central America to Africa and Asia are the basis for perfectly balanced blends. In future, the company will be the first foreign brand to source Arabica beans from the Jazan region and will also launch its first joint project, JAZEAN, the “Premium Saudi Blend” with the Saudi Coffee Company.

Vienna, the home of global coffee house culture, experienced its heyday in the Biedermaier era around 1828. Since 2011, Viennese coffee house culture has been a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


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