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Left: Eurovea hosting White Night. Right: Zuzana Pacáková, Art Director for White Night. Credit: Eurovea

White Night festival breathes contemporary artistic life into Bratislava and Eurovea

White Night is the largest and most visited festival of contemporary art in Slovakia. Eurovea provided one of the locations for and is a partner of the festival installations and performances.

It is one of the most beautiful autumn events in Bratislava, where you can experience an untraditional artistic walk through the night city, full of experiences and new perceptions. White Night is a prestigious international art project aimed at bringing not only contemporary art forms, but also untraditional, unknown and important spots of big European cities to the general public. 

Credit: Eurovea

Unique artistic experience all over the world

It first started in Paris in 2002. From its beginnings, the project has expanded over the years to such places as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Santa Monica, Montreal, Toronto, Rome, Tel Aviv, Gaza, Jerusalem, Madrid, Brussels, Riga, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Brighton, Turin, Naples, St. Petersburg, and Bratislava.

Eurovea as mixed-use-development is a part of a modern urban quarter in the vicinity of the historical center of Bratislava. The center’s concepts of living, working, and shopping represent a dynamic destination with a riverside promenade. It was opened in March 2010 and the opening of further extensions is scheduled for 2022. 

New interactive urban dimensions

The White Night embodies the desire to (re)discover urban environment which is given a new dimension through art. Contemporary art breathes different life into the city at night and the night thus becomes “white”. The event was overseen by Art Director Zuzana Pacáková.

„With Zuzana we started as business partners and now we are friends. We love culture, we love to give people something special and to show them, how much they mean to us. We are trying every year to surprise them and create special feelings for their own city, for their own preferred places, like Eurovea is. Covid changed the festival from a weekend happening into a two weeks festival and it was just a transformation, visitors had more time to see installations and performances, and also had a chance to come back. Interactive installations, such as this year‘s figures from Pavol Truben are a perfect fit for vivid public spaces as Eurovea promenade.  I am eager to work together with Zuzana every year,“ says Ol’ga Hammer, PR & Marketing Manager for Eurovea.