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waterdrop opened store in Europark Salzburg

waterdrop is one of the best-known microdrinks, with stores openings all over the world. Now the wish of the founders has come true, which they already had in the founding year 2017: their own store in the Europark in Salzburg.

In 2016 it all started, when the question was asked why there is no product that does not require another plastic bottle. Something small that you throw into a reusable glass or metal bottle and thus, by means of various flavours, encourage people to drink more water in this form and thus also avoid the use of plastic bottles.
The founding trio Martin D. Murray, Henry Murray, both of them grew up in Salzburg, and Christoph Hermann, packed with great visions, are getting closer to these every day: opening their own stores in European countries is often on the agenda, but they are also already represented in the USA and Asia, in Singapore. In the meantime, the team has grown to more than 100 people, but the product range has also expanded to Microteas, Microenergy and Microlyte, among others. The range of bottles in different versions and great designs has also been adapted – including children’s sizes. Club membership with many benefits ensures satisfied customers and brings exclusive advantages.
The environment is very close to the Viennese start-up’s heart and also that people discover the importance of water for their bodies. Brand ambassadors such as tennis pro Novak Djokovic, who also has a stake in the company, support them in this important endeavor!
The shop in the popular shoppingcentre Europark is located on the ground floor. It is very high-quality in terms of materials, bright and clearly designed, and provides immersive customer experiences in order to live up to the brand’s claim of premium quality at the point of sale as well. Customers have the opportunity to engage with the products, try them, learn and be part of the brand’s journey.