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Uniqlo opens first store in Luxembourg

A few days ago, the sixth branch in the Benelux was opened in the heart of Luxembourg, at 22 Grand Rue.

As with the example of the stores in London (Tate Modern) or Paris (Louvre), Uniqlo wanted to make art accessible to everyone, so in Luxembourg they are collaborating with MUDAM, the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean.

In general, they make a point of involving as many local creatives as possible. Furniture designer Julie Conrad created a reading corner with chairs whose seats were woven from recycled clothing and made by a local carpenter. Located in the center of the store, this reading corner is curated by MUDAM Director Bettina Steinbrügge and regularly updated with a selection of Luxembourg artists and designers.

There is also a Re.Uniqlo Studio, which offers customers the opportunity to repair, redesign or recycle their LifeWear items. These LifeWear products are based on the Japanese values of simplicity, quality and durability, and are designed with people’s well-being in mind. Re.Uniqlo Studios already exist in many European countries.


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