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credit: Umdasch
credit: Umdasch

Umdasch: Digital Signage offensive at TotalEnergies

With their new order, the Store Makers from umdasch can once again prove their expertise: In addition to the delivery, installation and implementation in operation of the Digital Signage system by umdasch Digital Retail, umdasch Food Retail will implement the redesign and digital equipment of numerous tobacco shelves.

The client is the multi-energy company TotalEnergies. By the end of 2023, up to 200 petrol stations will be equipped with Digital Signage solutions and 840 locations with the digital tobacco shelves by the shopfitting experts.

In future, customers will be accompanied through the petrol station shops with digital content at five touchpoints. The new form of presentation offers petrol station operators the opportunity to manage and adapt content in a flash and with just a few simple steps and to display it in ready-made layouts in the brand’s design. The Store Makers from umdasch not only provide support in setting up hardware and software, but also offer technical support. “Together with TotalEnergies, we will demonstrate our many years of experience and our extensive range of services in the context of this Germany-wide Digital Signage lighthouse project,” Bernd Albl, Managing Director umdasch Digital Retail, is convinced. The new DS concept, which has already been implemented at around 50 locations, celebrated its premiere at branches in Berlin (Holzmarktstraße 36-42) and Düsseldorf (Höherweg 202), among others.

Flexibility thanks to Digital Signage

In particular, the ease of use of the system and the flexible customisation options for the content presented offer enormous added value for TotalEnergies’ extensive network of service stations in Germany. Petrol station tenants or staff can adapt content in seconds, regardless of the screen format, thus avoiding the compromises and restrictions that are inevitable with static media such as posters or simple printouts. In the bistro area, for example, current product offers will be digitally displayed in high-resolution quality in the future. Above the tobacco shelf in the checkout area, targeted product advertising can be combined with dynamic content, and the daily promotions for the car wash will also be communicated via screens. The content is controlled via a content management system. With this, the content is brought into the design of the brand with the help of ready-made templates.

Modular shopfitting system convinces

The Store Makers from umdasch can also demonstrate their decades of shopfitting experience in this project. The Food Retail Team at umdasch’s largest production site in Leibnitz, Austria, is responsible for the implementation of a customised tobacco shelf in the TotalEnergies petrol station shops for this major order. Thanks to the modular design of the shelving, the assembly can be optimally adapted to the respective site-specific conditions. Through individually adjustable heights of the compartments, a lot of storage space is created and an efficient use of the shelf is made possible. An integrated LED framing or illumination puts products in the spotlight in an eye-catching way.

Eight assembly teams are working simultaneously to ensure that the far-advanced realisation will be successfully completed by the scheduled completion date in September 2022. The dimensions also demonstrate the strength of the umdasch Food Retail team with regard to large-scale roll-outs.

Precise organisation as a prerequisite

Since two business units of Store Makers are working together on this project – digital and classic shopfitting – careful planning and coordination is a decisive factor for success. After all, before installing the Digital Signage elements and assembling the tobacco shelving, the infrastructural framework conditions for smooth operation in the shop must also be created. “This project shows how the diverse services of the Store Makers from umdasch complement each other and offer the customer TotalEnergies a noticeable added value,” says a pleased Bernd Albl.