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credit: Deloitte
credit: Deloitte

Top Global 250 Retailers show significant revenue growth

Deloitte´s 2023 Global Powers of Retailing report analyzed and compared the fiscal years of 2020/2021 with 2021/2022 for the top global 250 retailers.

The year-on-year revenue growth of the Top 250 retailers grew by approximately a third in the financial years 2021/2022 as compared to 2020/2021, while the composite net profit margin of the same retailers grew by a quarter during the same period.

According to the report, the average retail revenue is over 220 billion dollars, with the minimum settling in at 45 billion dollars, whereas the maximum revenue is 572,7 billion dollars.

For the 2021 financial year, the top 250 retailers can be categorized into the following product sectors: 15% are Apparel and accessories retailers, 54% are FMCG retailers, 23% are hardlines and leisure goods retailers and 8% are diversified retailers.

The fastest year-on-year growth occurred for apparel, and accessories retailers with a 31,3% growth over the previous year. Diversified retailers experienced the second fastest growth with 15,6%, while hardlines and leisure goods retailers and FMCG retailers experienced the slowest growth with 9,3%, and 5%, respectively.

“In a year of strong year-on-year growth in retail revenue across the top 250, we see that sustainability remains high on the agenda. Several players are working on the resale of slightly used goods and we see many technology-enabled innovations. Successful retailers combine technology with the human factor to provide optimal customer experience. Among the Fastest 50, the main drivers of growth were the luxury brands, e-commerce providers and department stores”, says Evan Sheehan, Global Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Leader at Deloitte.

The full report is available under the following link.