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The french clothing rental service Le Closet launches in Germany

The subscription model is based on a box system and is now also intended to encourage German customers to make environmentally conscious consumption decisions.

Le Closet rents out clothes and accessories from 59.99 euros per box for the first order. After that, the price increases by 10 euros. Each box contains four selected items of clothing. The subscription model allows any number of boxes to be ordered per month, which are then delivered within 48 hours. The subscriber can wear these selected favorite items for as long as she likes. The range includes over 10,000 items from over 100 brands in sizes XS to 5XL.

Le Closet has already changed the consumer behavior of its 90.000 subscribers by giving them the opportunity to borrow clothes for everyday wear or various occasions. However, the rental option is not entirely new: Tchibo launched the Tchibo Share rental service in Germany, which was discontinued in 2020 after three years of pioneering work. The reason given at the time was that customers were not yet ready to rent everyday fashion. Ralph Mansour and Quentin Hayot have had more success in France since 2014, founding the company Le Closet and now expanding their business model to Germany.

Now that shopping in second-hand stores is booming, clothing rental seems to have caught on with customers. Last year, Mango announced its cooperation with start-up La Más Mona, a rental model for formal and everyday fashion in the B2C sector. The offering has also been expanded to include a B2B model that enables brands to offer their own rental services to their existing customers. H&M has also already gained its own experience with this model in Berlin in 2021. In the Mitte Garten store, a selection of garments presented in the basement could be rented.

The global clothing rental market is expected to grow by an average of 8.5% annually until 2030 and was valued at 1.12 billion US dollars in 2022.