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credit: ECSP///Striebich
credit: ECSP///Striebich


Group will increase collaboration between landlords and tenants.

As Europe faces economic recovery and we respond to the digital and green transitions, collaboration between the retail and retail property sectors is more important than ever. The group will help establish an ongoing dialogue between landlords and tenants across Europe. Representatives from both sectors will work together to deliver market analysis and overviews and define joint industry strategies.

The group already celebrated its inaugural session at MAPIC Italy in Milan, with over 50 participants from the retail and retail property sectors. The next meeting will take place in November 2022 at MAPIC in Cannes, France.

“The pandemic already highlighted the need for increased cooperation between landlords and tenants”, said Peter Wilhelm, Chairman of European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP). “Whether it may be making our shopping places more energy efficient, seeking equal conditions of competition between offline and online retail or adapting to changing consumer habits, the retail and retail property sector must work hand in hand to adopt joint solutions to shared challenges.”

“Having now an operating platform with a pan-European view and a clear focus on current and important future topics in our industry is strongly required and very much appreciated from retailers and landlords side”, said Klaus Striebich, independent consultant at RaRE Advise and chair of the Retailers and Leasing group. “Moderating and steering a collaborative discussion, creating ideas and solutions will improve and push our daily business. I am very honoured being appointed as the chair of this group and it will be my pleasure to work with the most important players in Europe and to show news and positive results from this group in due time.”