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The center of Vienna has a new luxury highlight: Hermes has opened its new, exclusive location

After a lengthy renovation phase, the completely renovated flagship store in the heart of Vienna was reopened last week.

The entire building got a new facade color and now shines at Graben 22 in a new, beautiful splendor. Upon entering the luxury store, the mosaic floor in the colors gray, beige and gold characteristic of Hermès immediately catches the eye. High-quality materials – colored in natural tones – form the structure and leave the stage to the exclusive products. Indirect light sources provide the pleasant feel-good factor. Clearly eye-catching is the curved staircase that connects all three floors and thus leads through the journey of the Métiers of the French luxury label.
Carefully selected colors such as shades of blue and green, as well as an eye-catching stained glass window entitled “À la lueur du flambeau” were used on the floors. The orange, typical of Hermès, is repeated in many places. Similar to the flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City, which opened in the fall of 2022, through the use of typical Art Deco elements, here in Vienna they sought to incorporate details and patterns from the Art Nouveau period to pay homage to the city. Paris-based architecture firm RDAI, which is responsible for designing Hermès stores worldwide, did a great job here as well.

An art collection consisting of 60 exhibits, including paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and also graphic creations by Émile Hermès, runs through the entire store. The carefully selected motifs form a bridge between Vienna but also the horse themes that are very important to Hermès.


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