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TAWNY and the potential of Emotion AI

Emotion AI is at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the way industries connect and respond to human emotions in different contexts.

Measuring and interpreting human emotions based on facial expressions is one of the things that the Munich-based start-up TAWNY is working on. This data is extremely important for individual industries as it can influence market research. Obtaining and analyzing emotional reactions to products, advertising or services provides a deeper understanding of customers in market research using Emotion AI technology. This data is far more differentiated than conventional surveys and provides the company with qualitative data to adapt marketing strategies and refine its offerings. In addition to its use in market research, Emotion AI is also used in areas such as customer service and the entertainment industry. Digital interactions are improved through sentiment analysis, or, in the latter case, it contributes to personalized experiences and content recommendations. The Emotion Analytics SaaS platform for analyzing human emotions is a web-based, user-friendly, and intuitively controllable do-it-yourself software.

The team of pioneers and thought leaders in the field of human analytics. // Credit: TAWNY

TAWNY but also deals with crowd analytics, where the behavior and dynamics of people in large groups, such as in subway stations or at events, can be traced. In the retail sector, conclusions can be drawn from store layouts and marketing campaigns to foot traffic and shopping behavior. Advertising campaigns and recommendations can be analyzed and adapted. Crowd analytics is therefore a powerful tool that not only increases sales, but also enables companies to adapt based on real-time insights into customer dynamics. This can also reduce waiting times, such as at checkouts, and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Retrieve customer insights, like never before. // Credit: TAWNY

TAWNY was founded in 2017 by Dr. Marco Maier and Dr. Michael Bartl to develop state-of-the-art vision AI technology. The company is based in one of Europe’s most innovative centers, the House of Innovation in Munich, Germany.

Photo Credit: TAWNY

Team members from left to right:

Dr. Marco Maier (CTO), Dr. Chadly Marouane (Senior machine vision & software engineer ), Dr. Michael Bartl (CEO), Regina Burgmayr (Project Management & Customer Success Manager), Matthias Schmidmaier (HCI Research und Development), Jonathan Rupp (Data Analyst), Gabriel Garrecht (Business Development)

Photo Credit: TAWNY