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credit: linkedin +veja
credit: linkedin +veja

Sneaker Brand VEJA opens first Store in Great Britain

London is now the sixth store of the French sneaker brand alongside Paris, New York, Bordeaux, Berlin and Madrid.

The store with its clear, simple design is located between Covent Garden and Soho on Monmouth Street and covers an area of 137 sq m. The simplicity is also reflected in the choice of materials, to which interior designer Deidra Hodgson attached particular importance: Around 5000 pieces of natural stone bricks were used, which were specially made in France. The choice of this product ensures a reduction in the CO2 footprint as it does not have to be fired.

The CLEAN, REPAIR, COLLECT project is also being used in London, the cobbler station that repairs and cleans shoes and sneakers of all brands. According to the company, over 20,000 pairs of shoes have already been repaired to date.

What is special about this location is that restocking and deliveries are made by bicycle.