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Nordwestzentrum, Frankfurt am Main /// credit: HBB
Nordwestzentrum, Frankfurt am Main /// credit: HBB

Primark remains in NordWestZentrum, while Nori Park opens Hesse’s largest indoor playground in the center

Sustainable local shopping, strengthening the local range of stores, and inspiring the region with a shopping magnet. All this makes the NORDWESTZENTRUM Frankfurt’s No. 1 retailer. With new stores, the NordWestZentrum (NWZ) in Frankfurt am Main is focusing on the motto “Shop local”.

With 170 stores, restaurants and service outlets, the NWZ is one of the largest shopping centers in Germany with the highest footfall. In this respect, we are pleased that we have been able to further expand our strengths by attracting new brands and offerings, thereby further enhancing the center’s attractiveness in the long term. This has also prompted Primark to remain loyal to the NWZ.

Also, the branch mix was already further expanded in June with the opening of the men’s outfitter AC & Co and the optician and hearing aid specialist Neusehland.

Of course, an extraordinary shopping experience also includes entertainment. The NWZ will become Hesse’s largest indoor playground before the end of the year. Nori Park for kids and families will open on more than 5,000 sq m. Children and families can look forward to a new, exciting and entertaining attraction. With playground equipment, play opportunities and organized children’s birthday parties, the indoor playground offers an ideal opportunity for children to let off steam and have fun, regardless of the weather conditions. As of now, the sun is always shining. A highlight is the roller coaster Nori. And the accompanying animated film “Nori Rollercoaster Boy” is now running in 13 countries.

“We are constantly working on improving our offering to make the NorthWest Center even more attractive for the region. Store local also means strengthening local commerce. Always offering a shopping experience and ensuring that there is something for every need,” explains Pina Keffel who is responsible for center management and marketing at NWZ. “We are all the more pleased that our visitors now have an even greater selection to choose from with the new stores.”