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credit: Sonae Sierra/Union Investment
credit: Sonae Sierra/Union Investment

Place of the week: The refurbished Quarree Wandsbek in Hamurg

For almost 35 years, Quarree has been the urban shopping center in Wandsbek, Hamburg’s most populous district. With the 40 million Euro refurbishment owner Union Investment created two years ago an urban center for the long term.

Quarree Wandsbek, which is managed by Sonae Sierra, is one of Hamburg’s largest and best-known shopping centers. It is predominantly used by visitors from the immediate local area. Wandsbek is one of the most densely populated districts of Hamburg and a district that is still undergoing major changes and developments. The population structure is changing, as many young people and families are moving there. Intensive construction is also underway, and many companies are investing in the district.

This led the owner, Union Investment, to undertake an intensive refurbishment. Union Investment has invested around 40 million euros in its redesign to make the center fit for the future. The project was completed two years ago. With the refurbishment Union Investment wanted to offer the residents of Wandsbek an urban center for the long term as well–and thus provide the tenants with the best possible basis for their continued success. The result is a true multi-use concept: In addition to retail, daily needs, a fresh food market, and restaurants, the Quarree also accommodates a kindergarten, the Northern Business School private university, and a modern gym. Also, the multiplex cinema provides an attractive leisure facility. In addition to the subway and suburban rail links and many parking spaces, there is a large bus station within reach of the shopping center.

For this effort Quarree Wandsbek was recently among the commendations of the ECSP Design and Development Awards 2023. The Jury stated: “Quarree Wandsbek is a carefully integrated, community – focused retail offer and the refurbishment results in a modern, vibrant, and socially relevant market destination that clearly reflects the heritage of its urban quarter. Its new brand identity is embedded across all elements of its renovation – from its digitally enhanced external impression to the open market feel of its internal spaces. The project provides multiple offers that bring a strong sense of welcome, purpose and sense of belonging to its community.”