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ONLINE SPECIAL “Outstanding European Placemaking Projects”

We present our Online Special “Outstanding European Placemaking Projects”.

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to present our latest online special to you.

We spend far too much effort discussing the industry’s challenges and far too much time focusing on adverse developments. Yet our industry has so much to offer. For example, we recently returned from our ACROSS Study Tour to Istanbul. Over four days, we could visit fantastic shopping centers and learn about innovative retail models. We are still fascinated by the ongoing developments there – despite and precisely because of the undoubtedly significant economic difficulties that the country of Türkiye and its people are experiencing.

Our industry is strong and can achieve a lot. To emphasize this optimistic spirit, we want to do one thing above all else regarding this issue: showcase what our industry offers. Now more than ever, staying positive and celebrating all the great projects driving our industry forward is important. A lot is going on, so let’s show it! With the help of Klaus Striebich, Head of ACROSS Advisory Board, we asked our ACROSS Advisory Board members to tell us about their current favorite projects. When ACROSS Magazine established this great board of industry leaders and experts, the intention was to share knowledge and show what this great industry has to offer. Many members responded and showed us what is currently happening on the market and which all-time favorites there are. The result is a colorful and exciting collection of projects.

We also spoke to JTRE and Eurovea, who have not only developed one of the most exciting new shopping and mixed-use projects in Bratislava, Slovakia, but are also pursuing other major plans. In his interview on location marketing, Sebastian Guth from 21Media also describes how all the great projects on the market can be marketed accordingly.

We hope this ACROSS Online Special inspires, motivates, and entertains you.

Yours sincerely,

Reinhard Winiwarter

Publisher of ACROSS Magazine

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