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Outstanding European Placemaking Project recommended by Angelus Bernreuther, Head of IR at Kaufland Stiftung & Co. KG, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board. /// credit: ACROSS
Outstanding European Placemaking Project recommended by Angelus Bernreuther, Head of IR at Kaufland Stiftung & Co. KG, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board. /// credit: ACROSS

Outstanding European Placemaking Projects: NIVY Center (Bratislava), Merlata Bloom (Milano) And Norblin Factory (Warsaw) — Three Locations Following A Great Vision

Our industry is strong and can achieve a lot. To emphasize this optimistic spirit, we want to showcase what our industry offers. Recommended by Angelus Bernreuther, Head of IR at Kaufland Stiftung & Co. KG, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, NIVY Center (Bratislava), Merlata Bloom (Milano), and Norblin Factory (Warsaw) are one of the many outstanding placemaking projects that drive the industry forward.

NIVY Center Bratislava, HB Reavis

“NIVY Center Bratislava is an outstanding multifunctional complex with a shopping center, bus hub and a rooftop public park”, says Angelus Bernreuther. The Nivy Mall in Bratislava opened in 2021 on the site of the former above-ground bus terminal.

credit: NIVY Center Bratislava

In addition to the mall, the concept includes the new underground bus station, an office tower and a green roof that is open to the public. Designed by British architect Benoy, the center serves a range of visitor interests all in one place and has enjoyed increasing popularity since its opening.

With around 70,000 sq m of retail space and around 250 shops, it is one of the largest shopping centers in Slovakia. The atrium is a popular meeting place. It can be used in various ways, for example as a venue for concerts or a place to relax. There is also a children’s playground and a curved access ramp. The atrium leads to the green roof with half a kilometer of running track, training areas and zones for rest and relaxation.

Merlata Bloom Milano, Nhood

“Merlata Bloom is a shopping center of the newest generation with everything today’s placemaking industry has to offer”, explains Angelus Bernreuther. Merlata Bloom Milano is intended to be nothing less than the vibrant heart of one of the largest mixed-use areas in the first Urban Smart District of Milan, Italy. The basic idea is to combine technology and sustainability, entertainment, and services.

credit: Merlata Bloom Milano

Located in the northwest of Milan, the center aims to become the city’s first Smart Urban Business. The entire area follows a mixed-use concept that includes a mix of residential, green, technology, business, and retail. Roughly 103,000 people frequent the area daily, and 3.6 million residents live within an up to 25-minute drive. The main idea behind the center, in addition to creating a sustainable place for recreation, is to provide a well-connected place that meets people’s needs. The center is close to hospitals, universities, and large housing projects, and is well-connected to the airport, rail, and public transportation. Merlata Bloom Milano includes 150 spaces of innovative and experiential retail, five food & beverage areas, over 10,000 sq m of entertainment and culture, and 20,000 sq m of Sky Garden.

Commercialization of Merlata Bloom’s retail space, which has already reached 90 percent ahead of the center’s opening, which is scheduled for the second half of 2023, is extremely successful. The more than 210 openings that have already been announced at Merlata Bloom Milano give substance to the extensive retail project, which goes beyond the traditional concept of a retail space thanks to its three floors of experience: It is set to become a 70,000 sq m center, of which 20,000 sq m will be dedicated to leisure, entertainment, and culture, including F&B and sports facilities.

Norblin Factory Warsaw, Capital Park Group

“For me, this is one of the best examples of the skillful revitalization of an existing factory into a vibrant mixed-use property”, says Angelus Bernreuther. Norblin Factory is a 2-hectare site in Warsaw’s Wola district filled with unique history.

credit: Norblin Factory Warsaw

The area, which has been a neglected pearl of postindustrial architecture for years, is now a new part of the city with offices, shops, restaurants, cafés, Food Town, an eco-bazaar, a boutique cinema and an open-air museum commemorating the history of one of the largest industrial enterprises of the former Kingdom of Poland! Today, Norblin Factory is an award-winning, mixed-use, urban regeneration project and landmark in the heart of Warsaw.

Following several years of intensive design, construction, and preservation work, it has regained its place on the map of Poland’s capital. The multifunctional project covers a total GLA of more than 65,000 sq m. Norblin Factory visitors can also enjoy unique cultural, entertainment, and dining concepts, including the original KinoGram cinema, Bio Bazar organic market, Food Town, the largest food court in the capital, and a museum commemorating the history of the site. Norblin Factory is an example of a world-class revitalization project that was implemented with respect for the environment. It is a city-forming project that is consistent with the idea of a 15-minute city. It has contributed to the positive transformation of that particular area of the Wola district, which remained closed to the city and its residents for years.


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