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Outlet Center Eben /// credit: FOC Retail Service
Outlet Center Eben /// credit: FOC Retail Service

Outlet Center Eben is soon to expand further

The Outlet Center Eben, located in Pongau, about a 45 minutes drive south of Salzburg, is soon to be expanded to a total leasable area of approximately 6,000 sq m.

On a total area of approx. 4,500 sq m, currently 7 stores present over 30 national and international sports and lifestyle brands in their own stores or in so-called multi-brand stores. With the gastronomic offer at the adjacent service station or in the neighboring tourist destinations, the Outlet Center Eben stands for the very special shopping experience in the middle of one of the largest tourist strongholds in Austria. Close cooperation with the local tourism association, hotels and other leisure facilities makes it a perfect destination in one of Europe’s leading skiing and hiking regions.

In May 2016, the current Outlet Center Eben was opened by R&B Immobiliengesellschaft. In cooperation with the operator FOC Retail Service GmbH, the further development of the center into a beacon of the region is being driven forward. The brand portfolio is characterized by nationally and internationally renowned sports, leisure, and lifestyle brands.

The already successful range of sports, outdoor and leisure brands will soon be expanded by 1,200 sq m with up to a further 6 stores in the Sport and Lifestyle category to a total leasable area of around 6,000 sq m. In addition to the expansion of space, the focus will be on redesigning the center’s image as a sports and leisure outlet center in the heart of the Alps. Complementing the opposite Eben Süd service station, a new area with a high quality of stay will be created. Architecturally, the functional and simple architecture will be polished up and enriched by a new advertising facade, as well as made more inviting by greening.