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Online platform for regional products, markta, opens first store in Vienna, Austria

Since 2017, the platform in Austria stands for fair working conditions and treatments of humans, animals and the environment. In the summer of 2023, the logical step followed to also offer the regional products in their own store.

At Alser Straße 16 in Vienna’s ninth district, everything associated with the company is on offer in an area of around 400 sq m: young, airy ambience, space to linger, regional products from sustainable production. The modernized farmers’ market with products from currently around 200 small businesses, puts the assortment but also the producers in front of the curtain. This makes shopping transparent. Online as well as recently also in the stationary area.

After a few weeks of observation, some differences have already become apparent: While customers who order online are between 25 and 50 years old, more than half of them are over 50 in the store. Many also become curious in passing, the neighborhood feels addressed, as Theresa Imre, founder of markta, confirms.
The pricing policy at markta is on short lines, i.e. directly with the producer. So it can already happen that seasonal fruit or vegetables are cheaper than in the trade to obtain. The marketplace is also very popular with producers: 2000 small businesses would like to be included in the assortment. The goal here is to build up a full assortment in order to be able to offer as much as possible under one roof.

Another opening in Vienna is planned for mid-2024, this time in the second district, as many online customers live there. In the longer term, the intention is to operate 10 stores in the federal capital.


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