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The largest empirical study of brand equity in the real estate industry – the “Real Estate Brand Value Study” by Eureb – is expanding its panel. In cooperation with ACROSS, European retail developers and operators will be examined for the first time.

The Eureb-Institute (European Real Estate Brand Institute) is a leading platform for the financial and behavioral evaluation of brands in the real estate industry. The panel includes the relevant corporate, service, project, and location brands. The Institute, based in Berlin and Vienna, has analyzed the most important real estate companies annually since 2009. The foundation for the numerous studies and analyses are indices that have been specially tailored to developments and processes in both the B2B and B2C markets. These provide real estate companies with substantial data about their own positioning, their quality characteristics, and an empirical comparison with the competition.


Eureb is now expanding its panel. For the first time, the institute is examining Europe’s retail developers and operators under the microscope as part of its “Real Estate Brand Value Study” – in cooperation with ACROSS. The study is the largest empirical study of brand equity in the real estate industry. On the lookout for the “European Top 50 Retail Developers & Operators,” Eureb evaluates the 84 most relevant retail developers and operators using a specially designed “Real Estate Brand Value Model.”

Around 15,000 real estate experts will be interviewed online on the basis of 22 market determinants from November 2, 2014 to January 30, 2015. This will also determine the brands’ influence: It will show areas in which a brand is credited with greater competence or importance. The added value gained provides marketing experts and business strategists an overview of the sectors in which external partners perceive their brands to be positioned. It explains, for example, whether CBRE is viewed more as a rental broker, service provider, property and asset manager, or a company in the investment funds area.

The evaluation is due by mid February 2015. The ranking of the “European Top Retail Developers & Operators” will then be clear. It will be eagerly awaited. The most valuable brands will then be awarded the “Real Estate Brand Award” in April next year.


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