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Norblin Factory. Credit: Capital Park

Norblin Factory in Warsaw expands tenant portfolio

The multifunctional Norblin Factory opened in September last year and is gaining more and more tenants. The project’s investor, the Capital Park Group, has signed lease contracts with another six concepts which will soon join the revitalized complex at Żelazna Street.

Norblin Factory is the flagship project of Capital Park Group and post-factory complex in Warsaw’s Wola district. It covers a total area of over 65,000 sq m, including 41,000 sq m of modern offices and 24,000 sq m adapted for entertainment, culture, food, retail, and service space.  

New outlets which will open in Q1 2022 include the Apple Museum Poland (320 sq m), Poland’s first fully digital art gallery ART BOX Experience (800 sq m), the restaurants Soul on the grill, and many more. A modern Żabka Nano, an autonomous and AI driven store, will occupy a 32 sq m unit. It will be fully unmanned, from product selection to payment, thanks to innovative authorization methods. This concept already operates at 26 locations in six Polish cities.

The Pijalnia Ziół Dary Natury brasserie, which originates from the Podlasie region, will have its second Warsaw location in one of the historic buildings of the Norblin Factory, filling an area of 146 sq m. The interior will resemble a traditional Podlasie herbarium full of wooden details, handicrafts, and bouquets of dried medicinal plants. The media platform Anywhere has its recording studio on the second floor between the KinoGram (3,300 sq m) cinema and the Plater building.

“We are happy to be joined by more new concepts. Together we can create a very diverse offer while customers can find everything they need at one place, including restaurants, services, shops, entertainment, and culture. Commercialization of the complex is going very well, the office space has been leased in 100 per cent, and we are now in the process of finalizing the lease of the retail and service sections,” said Kinga Nowakowska, Member of the Management Board and Chief Operations Officer of the Capital Park Group responsible for the revitalization of the project.


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