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credit: MPC Properties
credit: MPC Properties

New member: Pınar Yalçınkaya joins ACROSS Advisory Board

The ACROSS Advisory Board is happy to welcome its newest member, Pınar Yalçınkaya.

Pınar Yalçınkaya is CEO of MPC Properties. She has over 20 years of real estate business experience with extensive know-how in acquisition, disposal, (re)development, leasing, asset, and property management. During her career in multinational companies, she was responsible for numerous investment projects and operations of real estate assets.

Prior to joining MPC Properties in 2023, she served as the CEO and Board Member for both the Multi Corporation and ECE Group’s subsidiaries in Türkiye and provided oversight and guidance to the largest retail real estate platforms in the country.

“We are proud and happy to have won Pınar Yalçınkaya for our board. We are looking forward to an even closer cooperation and stimulating exchange of ideas and perspectives”, states Reinhard Winiwarter, founder and Managing Partner of ACROSS. “With Pinar, we now have a personality on board, who can give us first-hand insights into the structures and mechanisms of the Turkish and SEE markets – two of the currently most exciting markets for the placemaking industry. Our magazine and our community will benefit equally from this.”

About the ACROSS Advisory Board

The ACROSS Advisory Board was established in mid-2016. From day one, the Board’s stated goal has been to offer its expertise in topic formulation. Over the years, the board has not only grown, but it has also become more interdisciplinary, just like the retail real estate world itself. In addition to shopping center managers, the board includes architects, retail experts, financial experts, PropTech professionals, consultants, and outlet managers. The mix of expertise from the various areas that our industry has to offer makes the ACROSS board unique. That is not only due to the fact that the mixed-use asset class is on the rise, but also because we all know that collaboration and thinking outside of the box are essential to our business. The ACROSS Advisory Board is currently comprised of 30 members. That gives us the opportunity to closely monitor current trends and changes within the industry and to be able to classify them.