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"Regensburg Arcaden" shopping center, Germany. /// credit: MK Illumination
"Regensburg Arcaden" shopping center, Germany. /// credit: MK Illumination

MK Illumination: Embrace Summer Vibes

MK Illumination is unveiling its latest offerings for the upcoming summer season, promising to infuse shopping centers and public spaces with vibrant energy and captivating designs.

In continuation of their commitment to creating inviting atmospheres, MK’s 2024 summer range goes beyond aesthetics, incorporating both new concepts and timeless favorites. From floral and fabulous to wild and uninhibited, our designs aim to illuminate spaces of all shapes and sizes, transforming them into lively and joyful hubs.

A notable feature of this year’s collection is the emphasis on the innovative organic motifs. Produced in their own facilities, these motifs not only captivate visually but also boast a natural look, crafted from sustainable materials. MK Illumination takes pride in bringing these eco-friendly designs to life, ensuring a perfect blend of style and environmental consciousness.

The creative process involves collaboration with diverse designers within the MK Illumination world, fusing local insights with global expertise. This transnational approach results in products and skills that radiate the essence of summer, whether adorning city centers or enhancing the shopping experience in malls.

As the warmer days ahead are eagerly anticipated, MK Illumination remains committed to providing a comprehensive service for individual visualizations and concepts. Because, without a doubt, the next summer is just around the corner.

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