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Wild Flower decoration at "Lagunen Storsenter", Bergen, Norway. /// credit: MK Illumination
Wild Flower decoration at "Lagunen Storsenter", Bergen, Norway. /// credit: MK Illumination

MK Illumination Elevates Summer Ambiance To New Heights At Lagunen Shopping Center

MK Illumination has unveiled a spectacular display of Wild Flower Balls at Lagunen, Norway’s largest shopping center. The project, realized in 2023, marks a significant milestone in the longstanding partnership between MK Illumination and Lagunen.

Lagunen Shopping Center, renowned for its commitment to creating captivating atmospheres, has been investing in MK Illumination’s decorative lighting for several years. As part of the Summer product program in 2022, Lagunen became MK Illumination’s premier customer within this category, showcasing a shared dedication to enhancing visitor experiences.

The installation boasts 12 Wild Flower Balls in three different sizes, transforming Lagunen into a vibrant oasis reminiscent of a summery meadow. Inspired by the natural beauty of lush landscapes, MK Illumination’s designers have crafted floral arrangements that transcend traditional flower balls, infusing spaces with color, emotion, and vitality.

credit: MK Illumination

“We are thrilled to bring the essence of summer to Lagunen with our enchanting Wild Flower Balls,” said Øyvind Saetre, Managing Director at MK Illumination. “With our expertise in place-making and the application of our ‘happiness formula’, we aim to create unforgettable moments of joy for visitors as they immerse themselves in the beauty of our installations.”

In addition to the Wild Flower Balls, MK Illumination is introducing floral garlands and arches complete with aluminum structures, offering versatile décor options for creating modern-day Garden of Eden settings. The new, lifelike version of the Flower Balls adds a touch of warmth and sophistication, turning ordinary spaces into inviting environments.


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