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credit: MK Illumination, AM Experience Group
credit: MK Illumination, AM Experience Group

MK Illumination Acquires AM Experience Group: A Strategic Move For Diversification And Growth In Iberia

MK Illumination, the global leader in festive decorative lighting, headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, has announced the successful acquisition of 100% of the capital of AM Experience Group. This strategic move, finalized on January 30, represents a significant achievement for MK Illumination, positioning the company for enhanced diversification and business growth in the Iberian region.

This strategic acquisition, forming “AM Light Experiences by MK Illumination,” brings together the
combined strengths of both MK Portugal and AM Experience Group. Clients in the Iberian region will
now benefit from a comprehensive suite of services. They can access a blend of innovative solutions
from MK Illumination alongside the established operational design and service excellence previously
offered by AM Experience Group. This aquisition creates an extended range of possibilities to create
unforgettable light and experiential moments for local communities and visitors alike in retail real
estate, public spaces, and tourism industries.

With a focus on expanding market presence in the Iberian Peninsula, MK Illumination foresees
significant opportunities for growth. Klaus Mark, founder and CEO of MK Illumination, expresses his
enthusiasm, stating: “AM Experience Group has established itself as the premier light and experience
company in Portugal and Spain. MK Illumination is the global leader in festive lighting design.
Together, we offer a powerhouse platform of creative experiences and service. We are more than
proud to welcome the team of AM Experience Group into the MK Illumination family to create magical
moments of happiness in the Iberian region.”

Founded in 2001, AM Experience Group has consistently solidified its position in the Portuguese and
Spanish markets, successfully executing 75 festive lighting projects in the past Christmas season
alone. Beyond festive lighting endeavors, AM Experience Group is renowned for producing captivating
musical theater shows on ice, drawing in over 140,000 spectators in the past year.

Nuno Barbot, Managing Director of AM Experience Group, sees the acquisition as a catalyst for future
success: “We believe this is a decisive moment which represents a huge opportunity for the
development and growth of AM Experience Group, not only due to the new shareholder dimension but
also because of the access to an international network made up of the best professionals, best
practices, and highly innovative products.”

AM Experience Group’s main goals for the coming years include continued growth in the Iberian
market and expanding business in Brazil and Africa. The company is committed to maintaining
excellence in its work while leveraging the creativity and quality that characterize both AM Experience
Group and MK Illumination.

In 2023, the market of festive decorative lighting generated an impressive turnover of approximately 6
million euros, highlighting the immense potential for growth and innovation in the industry.


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