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New MediaMarkt store at Inegöl Shopping Mall, Bursa, Turkey /// credit: Fiba CP
New MediaMarkt store at Inegöl Shopping Mall, Bursa, Turkey /// credit: Fiba CP


Exemplifying Fiba CP’s role as both investor and manager, İnegöl Shopping Mall has once again united its patrons with a notable brand. On Thursday, August 24, MediaMarkt, one of Turkey’s leading electronics retail chains, unveiled its new 1,675 sq m store within İnegöl Shopping Mall.

Offering unique experiences to its customers by aligning with the rapidly evolving trends in the world, Fiba CP continues to grow through its collaborations with global brands. In İnegöl Shopping Mall, recognized for its international accolades and under the stewardship of Fiba CP as investor and manager, MediaMarkt, a prominent electronics retail leader in Turkey, has inaugurated a contemporary, expansive store showcasing a diverse product range. Unveiled to the public on August 24, the store occupies a 1,675 sq m space and has been designed to meet the expectations of tech enthusiasts.

Following Gebze Center, M1 Konya, and M1 Adana, Fiba CP has extended its reach to İnegöl residents by introducing the MediaMarkt store. This expansion is a testament to their ongoing commitment to elevate shopping mall services to new heights, while also enriching the brand offerings of their malls with a mix of both local and global brands.

As the sole shopping destination in the district and its adjacent areas, İnegöl Shopping Mall plays a pivotal role in enhancing both the social and economic landscape. The mall aims to offer customers an unforgettable shopping experience with its revamped stores and introduction of fresh brands. With its open-air setting and specially designed spacious terrace areas, İnegöl Shopping Mall remains a captivating hub for shopping in the region.

“We strive to cultivate a robust and mutually advantageous culture of collaboration with our business partners. Our retailers are equally delighted with these initiatives, as evidenced by their feedback highlighting substantial boosts in sales, customer numbers, and overall productivity. Receiving such feedback brings us great joy. MediaMarkt stands out as one of the most significant collaborations we have achieved in this regard. I extend my wishes for prosperity to both sides. Our shopping malls have evolved into technology hubs. Our objective is to provide the best shopping experience for our customers in the region while meeting their expectations. Through the incorporation of international brands into our establishment, we not only bring a broader spectrum of diversity and quality to our customers, but also enhance İnegöl’s allure as a shopping destination”, says Yurdaer Kahraman, Fiba CP CEO and Board Member.

“We are highly pleased with the interest of consumers in MediaMarkt stores. With the inauguration of every new store, we strive to offer top-notch service aligned with consumer preferences, extend financial relief through competitive prices, and continue to generate employment opportunities”, adds Faruk Kocabaş, MediaMarkt Turkey CEO. “We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with technology enthusiasts at our new store in İnegöl, and are delighted to further solidify our successful collaboration with Fiba CP, extending our achievements to İnegöl Shopping Mall alongside other diverse projects. I would also like to thank the people of İnegöl for their support during this opening.”


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