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March 2022 Research

Stay well Informed about the issues of today and tomorrow!

Post-lockdown times represent a new episode for retail operators and consumers. In turbulent times, knowledge is power. That’s why we at ACROSS regularly compile the latest scientific findings from the placemaking industry.

Stay well informed! – That is the ACROSS goal.

And that is why, in addition to our publications, we also give a lot of space to scientific considerations from the placemaking industry.

ACROSS has reviewed and compiled current studies, papers, and different types of publications. Here you find our list of ACROSS March 2022 research:

Commercial real estate must do more than merely adapt to Coronavirus

The pandemic has caused changes in the retail market. These days hospitality properties, investors and operators, and other market players are reconsidering their decisions, implementing new strategies, in the way in their allocated investment and how they interact with their tenants and space users. This study provides a good overview about the latest tendencies of operating companies and future projects within the retail industry.

Author(s) : Vaibhav Gujral, Robert Palter, Aditya Sanghvi, and Brian Vickery.

Published: 2020, McKinsey & Company.

Link: Commercial-real-estate-must-do-more-than-merely-adapt-to-coronavirus.pdf (

Impact of Covid-19 on European retail

Around Europe retail sales have drastically changed and keep fluctuating in relation to how the situation Covid-19 evolves. Shopping centres from different countries around Europe have reported a significant drop in sales due to the digital disruption that has lately transformed the retail industry. This report reflects the different changes that shopping centres and outlets have gone through under the influence of the latest health social problematic. 

Author(s) : Eri Mitsostergiou, Tom Whittington.

Published: 2020, Savills.


Assessing Customer Preferences for Shopping Centers: Effects of Functional and Communication Factors

Due to the health crisis from the last years, European economic growth has been significantly slower than expected. Already stablished shopping centres and new retail projects have been influenced by the rapid growth of e-commerce. This research article shows some of the Baltic operating retail trends and investments concerning shopping centers.

Author(s) : Migle˙ Cˇ ernikovaite, Žaneta Karazijiene, Lina Bivainiene and Valdas Dambrava.

Published: 2021, MDPI.

Link: Assessing Customer Preferences for Shopping Centers: Effects of Functional and Communication Factors (

2021 EUROPEAN E-commerce Report

In the last decade web shops in Europe have substantially grown, working with a variety of logistic methods oriented to ensure customers’ preference. Different retail sectors, such as fashion and electronics, have adopted the option of collecting online orders in store/outlet. New shopping behaviors and the operating activity of shopping centers in Europe have been analyzed, and it is presented in this e-commerce report 2021.

Author(s) : Lone, S.; Harboul, N.; Weltevreden, J.W.J..

Published: 2021, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & Centre for Market Insights.

Link: European_Ecommerce_Report_2021.pdf (

Social Dimension of Shopping Centers Operation: Managerial Perspectives

Retail outlets have undergone significant developments, especially in the last 2 years, where the operation of outlets and shopping centers has faced unusual restrictions due to the pandemic. This research article focuses on addressing the methods and strategies that can lead to future success of the retail sector, including the multifunctional use of spaces and an integrative approach for customers, employees, and tenants.

Author(s) :  Josef Kunc, František Križan, Markéta Novotná and Kristína Bilková.

Published: 2021, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI).

Link: (PDF) Social Dimension of Shopping Centers Operation: Managerial Perspectives (

An Assessment of Shopping Centers as Consumption Places

With a historic perspective on the development and social meaning of shopping centers, this study shows the initial purpose of marketplaces, and explains how the concept of shopping centers derives from this first markets. This paper offers a glimpse into how shopping centers have continuously evolved to fulfil peoples’ consumption needs, considering an international perspective, while focusing on the current trends regarding shopping centers in Turkey.

Author(s) : Sevgi Ozturka, Oznur Isinkaralarb, Feyza Kesimoglu.

Published: 2021, Journal of Engineering and Sciences.


Covid-19 vs City-20

Collective spaces in urban areas are undoubtedly the space for new shopping-oriented projects. Nevertheless, the health crisis from the last years comes to change the perspective from investors, architects, and the overall retail real estate industry. This extensive research shows the thematic of the forthcoming approach from different sectors including the retail industry in metropolitan areas across Europe. 

Author(s) :  Rocco Papa.

Published: 2020; Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment.


Cooperation, Proximity, and Social Innovation: Three Ingredients for Industrial Medium-Sized Towns’ Renewal?

Economic and political changes have produced new ways to organize the commercial activity of the retail and real estate industry. Big and medium-sized towns have been revitalized with the innovation of some companies from the fashion retailers. This study presents an integrative perspective on current development of the different branches of the retail market in France.

Author(s) : Marjolaine Gros-Balthazard, and Magali Talandier.

Published: 2020 Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI).

Link: Urban Science | Free Full-Text | Cooperation, Proximity, and Social Innovation: Three Ingredients for Industrial Medium-Sized Towns’ Renewal? (

Changes in Different Types of Commercial Assets of Europe and the USA during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Large shopping mall operators as well as global asset managers in Europe are key players in the innovation of retail trends and marketing tools, which pursues to support and enhance the dynamic commercial activity of the retail sector. This research sheds light on the most important changes and future innovation of the retail industry at a European and global level.

Author(s) : Hanna Zhikhareva-Tolstik, Victoria Datsenko, Wojciech Żukowski .

Published: 2020.


Retail Evolution in Easter European Countries: An Overview

Retail will always represent an important economic sector, giving the fact that retailing is a major source of jobs in many mature and new market from different European countries. This overview offers an integrative perspective regarding the developments within retail sector, also examining its economic impact around Easter European Countries.

Author(s) : Alma Pentescu and Cosmin Pastiu. University of Sibiu.

Published: 2019, KnE Social Sciences.

Link: .

Changing European Retail Landscapes: New Trends and Challenges

In an increasingly globalized economy costumer behavior is subject to change by different external factors, and it is also very much dependent upon the culture and the age of consumers. This study provides a list of socio-economic and cultural factors that have changed and influenced the Retail industry in Europe.

Author(s) : Josef KUNC and František KRIŽAN. Institute of Geonics, The Czech Academy of Sciences.

Published: 2018 Moravian Geographical Reports.

Link: (PDF) Changing European retail landscapes: New trends and challenges (

Digital Economy and (non) Incremental Changes in Tourism and Retail Business Model

The digitalization of the economy has caused complex changes in marketing practices and thence in diverse sectors of the retail industry. Since 2018 the digital environment was considered a business enabler of marketing channels and different business activity. This article offers a good overview about digital economic practices that work as powerful tool for retail business models.

Author(s) : Goran Petković, Renata Pindžo, Marijana Agić-Molnar. Multiple Organizations.

Published: 2018, SCIndeks – Početna strana – CEON/CEES .

Link: (PDF) Digital economy and (non) incremental changes in tourism and retail business model | Goran K Petkovic –

Outlet’s Malls of the Future: An Approach to Customer’s Expectations 

This research article offers a descriptive analysis about major trends for outlets, and an alternative understanding of consumer behavior. The study considers demographic factors as determinants of consumer behavior.

Author(s) : Tamar Buil López-Menchero, Pedro Mata García, María Gomez Campillo & Juan-Francisco Delgado-de Miguel.

Published: 2020, Informa UK Limited, Taylor & Francis Group.


European Retail: Investment Trends, Yield Cycle, Supply and e-commerce, Outlook 

Several trends can be identified within the retail industry in Europe. Thence, clear changes can be observed in terms of costumer behaviors, investments, and retail operations. This article provides a short but punctual overview concerning the most updated and relevant changes within the retail sector in Europe.

Author(s) : Eri Mitsostergiou.

Published: 2022, Savills Research.


The Development of Food Retail Formats – Evidence from Poland

Innovation is the choice that many retail companies are implementing in such changing times and much needed transition. Retail formats are suffering an evolution worth observing in several European countries including Poland. This study provides an analysis of how food retail formats are influencing the business environments.

Author(s) : Edyta Rudawska, Katarzyna Bilińska-Reformat.

Published: 2018. British Food Journal.

Link: The development of food retail formats – evidence from Poland (

The external effects of inner‐city shopping centers: Evidence from the Netherlands

Up until these times shopping centers have been a well-established part of modern urbanized economies. Shopping centers are in fact providers of a variety of amenities that fulfill people needs, by providing an array of good and services. This study focuses on how shopping centers have started to be redeveloped in the Netherlands to keep attracting new customers.

Author(s) : Song Zhang, Mark van Duijn, Arno J. van der Vlist. Real Estate Centre, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Published: 2018. Journal of Regional Science Wiley.

Link: .

Regional retail landscapes emerging from spatial network analysis

To discover underserviced markets has always represented a great opportunity to make successful investments. Commercial business consultants and large retail organizations gather socio-economic data that help them to make decisions about in which market to invest. This research article provides a sound perspective concerning a variety of aspects that are currently shaping the retail landscape.

Author(s) : Ann Verhetsela, Joris Beckersb and Jeroen Cant.

Published: 2021. Regional Studies Association.

Link: .

PropTech – The Real Estate Industry in Transition

Property technology represents an important aspect of the real estate sector, playing an important role in the ongoing transition from old to new business models. This article offers a punctual explanation about the role of PropTech in relation to FinTech, Smart Real Estate, and Shared Economies.

Author(s) : Marc Feth and Holger Grüneberg.

Published: 2018. Ritterwald.


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