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Credit: Marc Cain GmbH
Credit: Marc Cain GmbH

MARC CAIN launches its expansion on the Spanish mainland

Marc Cain has already been represented on the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands for some time, and recently opened its first store in the Spanish capital.

The first store on the Spanish mainland has opened in the heart of the fashion metropolis of Madrid, in the luxurious “Galeria Canalejas”.

“Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with appeal for the whole of Spain and attracts numerous tourists from North America, South America and Asia. We want to continue to expand our presence in Spain in the future,” explains Helmut Schlotterer, Chairman of the Board.

The store is 91 sq m in size and has a dressing area with a rotating mirror that allows a 360-degree view. This mirror is designed to support customers in their shopping experience. The store has pale pink walls, islands with pale pink carpets and furniture elements of the same color, radiating modernity and elegance. This carefully chosen color brings the products in the store to life without being overbearing. Other materials chosen include wood in the form of high-quality parquet flooring and metal furniture in white and chrome. Just as the quality of the fabrics, fit and workmanship play a major role in the products, this passion is also transferred to the customer in the design of the store.

Founded in Bodelshausen, Germany, in 1973, the fashion and lifestyle brand in the premium segment for women employs around 1000 people. In total, Marc Cain has a network of 139 stores, 328 shop-in-stores, 238 depot customers and six outlets in 32 countries.