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credit:kurt geiger

Kurt Geiger opens flagship store in Oxford Street London

The newly opened store of the premium shoe retailer covers around 270 sq m and is located in a prime location at 272-274 Oxford Street.

Kurt Geiger is known for its rainbow colors, which are also always popular in the products. These colors have now also been taken up by architect Stefano Ripoli in some places and used in the store. Differently colored squares of a glass wall can be found in the immediate vicinity of flower walls and furniture with floral patterns. Besides exposed concrete, the primary color is a blue turquoise in the form of a large freestanding sofa. The space is natural and is in dialogue with the soft materials of the sofa walls and floral elements. The bright colors visually soften the exposed concrete walls.
Kurt Geiger, owned by private equity firm Cinven, has secured a new financing package and is now continuing its international expansion. Currently, it operates 70 standalone stores as well as 100 concessions with sales of £234 million (up 22% by the end of January 2023) and net profits of around £7.3 million.
CEO Neil Clifford has announced plans to grow the international business to the same size as the UK business. The brand has a presence in the U.S. in addition to Europe and the UK.