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Klaus Streibich takes on the role of R8 Ambassador and Strategic Advisor at R8 Technologies. /// credit: RaRE Advise
Klaus Streibich takes on the role of R8 Ambassador and Strategic Advisor at R8 Technologies. /// credit: RaRE Advise

Klaus Striebich Joins R8 Technologies To Accelerate DACH Expansion

Klaus Striebich, Managing Director of RaRE Advise, and Head of the ACROSS Advisory Board, has joined the R8 team as “R8 Ambassador and Strategic Advisor”.

With a prosperous career of over three decades, including significant roles at Germany’s leading retail developers and ECE Projektmanagement, Klaus, the founder of “RaRE Advise”, brings a wealth of experience in shopping center management, real estate development, and business innovation.

Klaus’s role at R8 Technologies will focus on leveraging his extensive expertise to enhance the company’s product offerings and market presence, particularly in integrating sustainable practices within the retail and commercial real estatesector. His history of fostering innovation and community-oriented service aligns with R8 Technologies’ mission to revolutionize building management through a data-driven AI solution, the R8 Digital Operator Jenny, which significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“We are delighted to welcome Klaus Striebich to R8 Technologies. His profound retail and real estate development expertise will be instrumental as we continue to innovate and expand our AI-powered solutions for sustainable building management. Klaus’s strategic insights will undoubtedly propel us towards achieving our vision of climate-neutral real estate, enhancing value for our clients and stakeholders globally,” says Siim Täkker, R8 Technologies Co-Founder and CEO.

“R8 Technologies is at the forefront of helping real estate properties tackle their sustainability goals, which is a critical advancement in today’s market. This rapidly growing international company has shown a reliable product with exceptional ROI for its customers – a real win-win-situation. My decision to join this team stems from recognizing the substantial impact we can achieve together,“ explains Klaus Striebich.

With Klaus Striebich joining the team, R8 Technologies is set to enhance its strategic initiatives and reinforce its leadership in AI-driven real estate solutions.