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In just one week, conversion teams converted the former Real store to Kaufland. /// credit: Kaufland
In just one week, conversion teams converted the former Real store to Kaufland. /// credit: Kaufland

Kaufland Receives Shopping Location In Hallstadt, Germany, And Celebrates Its 100th Real Integration

Kaufland in Hallstadt not only secured the future of a shopping location and around 80 jobs with the store opening in Emil-Kemmer-Straße, but also completed the company´s 100th Real integration by converting the former Real store into Kaufland within one week.

Just as in Hallstadt, Kaufland focused on rapid integration at all of its previous 99 locations. “Each store was inspected, analyzed and measured. We then developed a detailed schedule. We decided which conversions should be carried out on closing days and which after opening during ongoing operations. In this way, we ensured that we could be there for local people again as quickly as possible,” says Susanne Gehle, Managing Director Real Estate Projects at Kaufland, on the completion of the 100th Real conversion.

In Hallstadt, too, customers can continue to rely on valued expertise and at the same time look forward to a breath of fresh air. The new colleagues at Real have many years of experience in retail, and are the local experts who know the business and the customers. Therefore, a special team of 20 experienced Kaufland employees is to support them in familiarizing themselves with the processes and systems. A concept that was important to Kaufland with every integration and which has long since proven its worth with the 10,000 former Real employees who have been given new career prospects at Kaufland.

Strengthening regionality as an important concern

From now on, the employees in Hallstadt will work together to ensure that customers can choose from an extensive range of groceries and a wide variety of products for their daily needs. On a sales area of around 5,000 sq m, the focus is on the fresh departments for dairy products, fruit and vegetables as well as attractive service counters for sausage, cheese, fish and antipasti. A branch bakery provides a large selection of fresh bread and baked goods, which are baked directly on site several times a day.

The range comprises around 30,000 items, over 5,000 of which are from Bavaria. The selection ranges from branded articles, own brands, organic and fair trade products to vegetarian and vegan products and lactose- and gluten-free articles. Strengthening regionality is also an important task for Kaufland. When selecting the product range, emphasis is placed on products from suppliers in the region. In Hallstadt there are over 300 from Bavaria. In addition to well-known brand manufacturers, the range also includes numerous products from medium-sized companies. Over 60 suppliers come from the immediate vicinity of the store.

Clearer sales area, colorful branch mix

Modern colors combined with light wood and the modern lighting concept create a pleasant atmosphere in the store. A clear customer guidance system ensures optimal orientation. As is usual with Real integrations, Kaufland will not use the entire sales area of the former store in Hallstadt for its own product range. This is because customers’ shopping behavior has changed. Today, it is no longer just a matter of offering as much choice as possible in one space, but also of meeting other customer needs. In Hallstadt, over 2,000 sq m of additional space is being created for specialist stores and thus a diverse mix of sectors. The occupancy of this new rental space is currently still being planned and coordination with the relevant authorities is underway.


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