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Kaufland´s 300th e-charging station in Hauzenberg, Germany. /// credit: Kaufland
Kaufland´s 300th e-charging station in Hauzenberg, Germany. /// credit: Kaufland

Kaufland connects its 300th e-charging station in Hauzenberg to the grid

In addition to grocery products, customers in Hauzenberg can now also write “e-car charging” on their shopping list when they shop at Kaufland. The retailer´s overall 300th e-charging station is now available in the store parking lot at Florianstraße 1.

Surrounded by the Bavarian Forest, it has found an appropriate location in the Passau district. Kaufland is making speed with its expansion. Since last October, the company has installed around 150 new e-charging stations across Germany. In Bavaria, Kaufland already offers its customers more than 50 e-charging stations.

Kaufland´s e-charging network consists largely of DC charging stations, which enable a faster charging process. Depending on the type of vehicle, just 45 minutes at an e-charging station can be enough to charge up to 200 kilometers. Kaufland expects around 400,000 charging processes in 2023.

“With the fast-charging stations, we are adding another service to our stores. This means our customers can shop conveniently while their electric car is being charged at the same time. We are pleased to be able to provide not only full shopping carts but also full batteries. At the same time, we are fulfilling our responsibility to the region and the environment”, says Pierre Götz, Head of Energy Management of the DE Real Estate division.