Jörg Balow is new in the top management team of ATP Berlin. Photo: ATP/Rauschmeir

Jörg Balow joins the top team of ATP Berlin

The German building services expert, Jörg Balow, is strengthening the top management team of ATP architects engineers Berlin. Together with the architect Niklas Veelken he has been leading the ATP integrated design office and its international team of 20 employees since July 2020. This means that ATP’s special integrated design culture is now also reflected by the management duo in its Berlin office.

“ATP has enormous project experience and know-how in the area of integrated design and in dealing with the digitalization of building processes,” says the new Managing Director. “Here in the Berlin Region and Northern Germany this is a USP. I am delighted that I am able to add even more to my experience of the technical operation of buildings here at ATP Berlin as well as contribute my know-how to the teams and projects.”

In addition to his education and training, Jörg Balow has acquired this knowledge during more than three decades of professional practice. He was most recently a member of the management team of the engineering office Arup Deutschland, where he focused on the areas of electrotechnology, building automation, and business development and led a range of multidisciplinary projects.

Balow is also active as an author of specialist books (e.g. “Systeme der Gebäudeautomation”, 2016) and as a member of advisory committees to specialist organizations, such as the Building Services Advisory Committee and Electrotechnology and Building Automation Expert Committee of the Association of German Engineers and the Advisory Committee of the Health Sector Technology Association.


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