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Italian fashion house Trussardi is close to a deal with Miroglio Group

The brand is to be transferred to the manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-wear items together with some of its stores.

Trussadi was founded in 1911 by Dante Trussadi and started out as a manufacturer of leather gloves in Bergamo. In the 1970s, grandson Nicola Trussadi turned it into Italy’s first lifestyle brand, opening the door to luxury and elegance for everyone. Other leather goods and accessories were added to the range, as well as ready-to-wear clothing. The greyhound was chosen as the symbol for the brand. From then on, the focus was not only on lifestyle but also on collaborations and brand experiences. All of this culminated in 1996 with the founding of Palazzo Trussardi alla Scala in Milan, the first concept store, which also served as the headquarters for a long time.

Since 2019, 60% of the Trussadi brand has been owned by QuattroR, an Italian turnaround fund from Milan. Tomaso Trussadi and his mother Maria Luisa Gavazzeni share the remaining 40%. For Trussardi, the situation after the Russian invasion was one of the factors behind the restructuring. Sales came to a standstill in the stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg after the start of the war.

On December 31, 2023, Palazzo Trussardi, where the brand had occupied several floors as part of a rental agreement, was vacated. The availability of the property is now being returned to the founding family, who had kept the property for themselves.

The proceeds from the sale are to be used to repay existing creditors, some of the stores are to be closed. A transaction from the Italian court is reportedly still pending.

Miroglio is an italian company with over 70 years of history and a strong national identity. The company is headquartered in Alba, but has a large showroom of over 1500 sq m in the heart of Milan. Miroglio fashion brings together nine clothing brands, including Motivi, Elena Miró, Oltre and Twist, which are sold internationally in over 1100 stores, mainly in Italy, Turkey and the Middle East. Since 2008, the company has partnered with one of the most progressive companies in the fashion sector in Turkey, the Ipekkyol Group. As this has led to remarkable results, the company can also imagine partnership models in other countries.