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Italian family business CANALI celebrates its 90th anniversary and continues to expand

Canali was founded in Brianza, north of Milan, in 19934. This place in Italy is known for the craftsmanship of its inhabitants but also for transforming this into an entrepreneurial tradition with the desire to always look to the future without forgetting its roots.

The company, which employs around 1400 people worldwide, has been managed by Stefano Canali, the third generation of the family business, since 2008. Canali produces 70 percent of its men’s collection itself, the rest is supplied by independent Italian manufacturers. The company, which attaches great importance to values such as family and craftsmanship, coupled with innovation, has transformed the brand into the present day in recent years without neglecting its own DNA. This process was supported by a design team that was jointly responsible for the new visual identity, the marketing strategy, the store design concept and the product range.

This change seems to be paying off, as the company’s turnover is steadily increasing: in 2023, the brand achieved a turnover of 207 million euros – an increase of 10 percent on the previous year, 90 percent of which was generated abroad. Canali is forecasting further growth of 10 percent for 2024. The Italian family-owned company’s largest market is the USA, which accounts for half of total sales, followed by Europe (30 percent) and the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, 40 of the approximately 190 stores worldwide are operated by the company itself. The products are also available in more than 1000 multi-brand stores in over 100 countries. Following the repositioning of the brand in Paris at two prestigious locations, a store was recently opened in Mumbai. Another store in India is set to follow in New Delhi in September 2024. The expansion also includes an opening in China (Wuhan) and the renovation of the store in Beverly Hills in the United States.