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Italian brand Pomandère opens its very first store in Paris

The opening of the brand’s first store took place just in time for Paris Fashion Week.

The Italian fashion label Pomandère, which was founded in 2008 by Carlo Zanuso, is characterized by natural colors, fabrics and tailoring. Nature serves as inspiration, but also the women who wear the fashion. This nature can be found in the form of landscapes from all over the world, which are reflected in the collections.

Zanuso is not only the entrepreneurial mind but also the creative heart of Pomandére: “I unite two souls in the concept of each collection and in the design of each garment. The first is the tailoring, which stems from my training in the family business. The attention to detail, the obsessive dedication to the creation of the garment, the inspiration that comes from an embroidery or from the perfect round shape of a button, the attention to the finishing touches. The other is the cosmopolitan side of travelers who are passionate about furniture and design. Here I find the preference for the essential, the Nordic taste, but also the need for practicality and the fascination for Mediterranean and oriental colors, aromas and hints of tobacco, ochre, warm earth and strong light that softens in the nuances of sunset and dusk.”

credit: pomandère

The very first store has now opened, the Rue Saint-Sulpice 26 in the Saint-Germain district of Paris was chosen for the premiere. The reason for this is easy to explain: Paris is the brand’s key market – at 70%, the majority of sales are generated outside Italy and Paris as a fashion metropolis was the company founder’s dream destination. In 2023, Pomandere recorded a turnover of around 7 million euros.


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