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credit: Ingka Centre
credit: Ingka Centre

Ingka Centres to invest 170 million Euro in one of Scandinavia’s busiest commercial areas

Ingka Centres has announced a new investment of around 170 million Euro into a major expansion of its Kungens Kurva shopping center in Stockholm over the next 10 years.

Ingka Centres has begun an extensive expansion at its Kungens Kurva’s Shoppingcenter in Stockholm, Sweden. Over 28,000 sq m will be added in total and includes experiences in food, retail, leisure, and beauty, as well as a merger and common entrance to the adjacent IKEA store. The planned investment is approximately 170 million Euro and extends over ten years. The first part of the expansion to open its doors to the public will be Matvärlden, a store with food from all over the world in late 2024.

Work on the expansion stretches over several phases and is scheduled to be completed in 2033. In June a groundbreaking ceremony took place marking the beginning of the expansion, which will transform the shopping centre into a meeting place for the whole family and a destination offering everything related to the home.

“Ingka Centres commences the most extensive transformation of Kungens Kurva since IKEA’s opening here in 1965. Over the next decade, we will create an entirely new meeting place and destination for all things food, fashion, leisure and play,” says Yvonne Arentoft, Meeting Place Manager at Kungens Kurva Shoppingcenter. “In the long run, our vision extends beyond the current scope, as we explore broader possibilities for additional ventures”, she adds.

“We are delighted with the project’s kick-off. The investment means a lot for both Huddinge Municipality and our residents. Our municipality has ambitious plans for the entire Kungens Kurva area, including the commercial area, and partnering with Ingka Centres plays a crucial role in bringing that to life”, says Emil Högberg (S), municipal councilor.

The first phase is planned to be inaugurated in late 2024 and includes 7,000 sq m of new retail space with a focus on food, beauty, fashion. This expansion will feature a new store from Matvärlden, a grocery chain offering food from across the globe as well as its own bakery and restaurant. In addition, a public food hall is planned to take over 2,000 sq m.

During other stages the area will be expanded by 21,000 sq m to the north and west, including integration with the IKEA store. This will result in a new shared entrance and a wider selection of – among others – restaurants and services.

“It feels fantastic to finally be underway! With this expansion, we are shaping the meeting place of the future. The way we shop and our expectations have evolved, especially during the pandemic, and it is our mission to meet those demands. We see incredible potential for Kungens Kurva as a front-runner in delivering food experiences, family activities, and traditional shopping for fashion, interior design, and much more”, adds Arentoft.


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