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credit:gianni chiarini
credit:gianni chiarini

Gianni Chiarini focuses on growth abroad

Italian leather goods supplier Gianni Chiarini Firenze has set ambitious growth targets and is focusing on strengthening and expanding partnerships with Internet retailers and department stores.

“Our plan is to reach sales of 40 million euros in three years by increasing the export share from the current 40 percent to an expected 60 percent,” Ezio Raccichini, general manager of GC GROUP Spa, said in a recent company release.

In the last financial year the Italian leather goods supplier Gianni Chiarini Firenze had already increased its revenues to around 27 million euros through growth in all sales channels. In addition to increasing its presence in the focus markets of Japan, Spain and the DACH region, the company is also looking for new opportunities in the United States and Asia, particularly in the markets of China and Korea, according to a release.

GC Group was founded in the 90s by Gianni Chiarini, President and Creative Director. Specializing in bags and accessories, the Gianni Chiarini Firenze brand embodies excellence in craftsmanship, passion for detail and an Italian attitude to taste and trends.
In 2013, GC Group expanded its production with the innovative concept GUM Design, here rubber materials replace leather. and neutral tones are lightened. The result is a fresh and innovative concept with an irreverent and fun soul.