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German textile discounter kik continues its expansion in the netherlands

This year, 12 new locations are to be opened, confirms David Philipoom, Managing Director at Kik in the Netherlands.

Next year, 2024, another 15 locations are to follow. These will be selected according to population, as well as frequency. 30,000-40,000 inhabitants is the ideal size, areas with grocery and lifestyle shopping are preferred. In expensive shopping streets kik is less often found, local competition like Zeeman or Kruidvat in the area is no obstacle.

For the expansion, they also came up with something new: the appearance was revised and adapted for this market. Existing locations, such as in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, which are being remodeled or expanded, will also get this new interior design. This will present the range in a more structured and clearer way and should also save space. Non-food articles, which are offered alongside clothing, are to be given greater prominence. The Home Decor area will find additional space in front of the store to arouse customer interest and offer an insight into the range.


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