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Fashion house Henschel tests four-day week

The family-owned Henschel company is known for excellent advice and above-average service and presents top brands for the entire family on more than 17,000 sq m in their Darmstadt, Michelstadt, Heidelberg and Lübeck locations.

The pilot project will start in September for three months and full-time employees can opt for the four-day week. If the test is successful, the shortened working week will be finally introduced. The weekly working hours will be reduced by about five per cent without loss of pay, even for employees who want to stay with the classic five-day week, according to the Darmstadt office. The resulting difference to the contractually agreed working hours will be compensated by attendance at events, Sundays when sales are open or stocktaking.

“We hope to inspire as many employees as possible to participate and to have balanced and productive employees as a result,” says Caroline Berg, Head of Employee Development.

“We feel that the four-day working week meets a need among employees,” says Managing Director Kai Brune. “Also, this new benefit gives us better chances when recruiting and underlines our positioning as a sustainable employer in the region.”

The fashion retailer started in Darmstadt over 80 years ago. In 2012, Henschel opened the “Gegenüber”, which is actually located opposite the address of the house in Darmstadt and appeals to younger shoppers. The following year, the fashion house Heick & Schmaltz in Lübeck was then integrated organisationally into the group.