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credit: TEDi
credit: TEDi

Discounter TEDi Plans Massive Expansion Across Europe

TEDi has announced a major expansion in the European non-food sector, aiming to reach 5,000 stores in the medium term.

TEDi, Germany’s leading non-food discounter, celebrates its 20th anniversary, and looks back on a successful financial year 23/24 despite a persistently challenging market environment and geopolitical tensions.

TEDi was able to open over 300 additional stores in Europe in the past financial year. In addition, the market entry in Belgium and the acquisition of the French non-food discounter Max Plus systematically drove expansion forward.

“On our anniversary, we look back with respect and pride on an impressive history of growth,” shared TEDi CEO Petar Burazin in a recent press release. “TEDi has more than doubled its sales in the last 5 years and is aiming for gross sales of 3 billion euros this financial year. We are very satisfied with this development. Our success proves that brick-and-mortar retail can be successfully led into the future with the right concept. In the medium term, we will grow to 5,000 stores in Europe.”

The company will continue on its solid growth path and aims to expand its store network to 5,000 stores in Europe in the medium term. The expansion is part of TEDi’s sustainable growth strategy, which aims to develop a successful business model in attractive locations, including locations in pedestrian zones, inner-city A or good B locations, city district locations with high footfall, retail park agglomerations, stand-alone locations or shopping centers.