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Designer Outlet Gdańsk’s /// credit: ROS Retail Outlet Shopping
Designer Outlet Gdańsk’s /// credit: ROS Retail Outlet Shopping

Designer Outlet Gdańsk offered seedlings in exchange for old clothes

Designer Outlet Gdańsk’s latest event ‘Seedlings for Clothes’ gathered hundreds of visitors making it the best sales day of the year for the Polish center.

During the event two bags of old clothes were collected in exchange for a thousand tree, flower, and herb seedlings. These are the result of a joint initiative of Designer Outlet Gdańsk, Polska Press Publishing Group, and Eco Textil Foundation.

On Sunday, April 30, hundreds of people visited Designer Outlet Gdańsk to exchange clothes no longer needed for tree seedlings, garden plants and herbs as part of the event ‘Sadzonka za ubranie’ – ‘Seedlings for Clothes’.

Up to 1,000 plants were gifted in just five hours in exchange for two bags of old clothes, each weighing two kg. The clothes were deposited in special containers collected by Eco Textil, an organization that has been donating special tricycles, wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches and rehabilitation beds to people with disabilities, as well as conducting educational activities on sustainability since 2012. These activities and support would not be possible if it were not for the second-hand clothes donated to the foundation’s special containers.

Thanks to the action carried out at Designer Outlet Gdańsk’s lighthouse on April 30, a rehabilitation bicycle will be installed at a 16-year-old ward that is operated by Gdańsk’s ‘Ja Też’ foundation. Not only did the campaign strongly resonate with the local community, but it also marked one of the best days for traffic and sales at Designer Outlet Gdańsk so far this year, with an increase of over 40% in both cases compared to the previous year.


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