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Commercial Sustainable Development Goals

ACROSS Magazine’s compilation of research studies shows how the retail and real estate industries are meeting sustainable economic models of production and services, while eliciting innovation and a commercial evolution.

To stay well informed on the issues of today and tomorrow, look into ACROSS Magazine’s compilation of research studies: 

International collaborative and interdisciplinary research, concerning to the retail and real estate industries from the last three years has shown a very predominant topic: sustainability.

The behavior of Europe’s leading retailers has displayed a direct alignment with the adoption of sustainable development goals (SDGs). European environmental legislations, such as green and low-carbon economies as well as customers consumption patterns have been the main propellers of a significant commercial evolution, which is reflected on the implementation of sustainable strategies. The integration of sustainable development goals represents challenges, but also opportunities for all European retailers and real estate developers.

A Commercial Evolution within the Retail and Real Estate Industries

Green infrastructure, eco-friendly products and services are some of the retail strategies amongst companies and corporations in Europe. Currently, environmental and commercial data has shown that innovation and investment in eco-efficient projects have been prioritized to satisfy costumers’ demands and the requirements from suppliers and retailers.

The compilation of research studies on sustainability presented by ACROSS Magazine has shown that European retailers and companies from the real estate sector are indeed aiming to be part of a global circular economy. The narrative of “sustainable development” has become a reality, which is constantly evolving with the aid of technological innovation and new investments. 

Overall, sustainability is not an isolated topic. Considering the post-pandemic scenario, recent research has shown that from a strategic and operational level, European retailers and the real estate sector are aiming to support not only sustainable development goals (SDGs), but they are also concentrating on tackling social and economic issues.

To stay well informed on the issues of today and tomorrow and look into ACROSS Magazine‘s compilation of research studies.