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City Center one Split, CGI interior /// credit: Innesco
City Center one Split, CGI interior /// credit: Innesco


The updates are designed to strengthen the center’s role as a hub for the local community, with work set to complete by end of Q2 2024.

CC Real, the international investment and asset management company, has commenced its extensive 20 million Euro refurbishment of City Center one Split, due for completion by the end of Q2 2024.

Key upgrades will include the creation of a first-of-its-kind entertainment and leisure area for Croatia, lighting and interior design improvements, brand-new outdoor spaces, and measures to reduce energy consumption. More than 7,000 sq m of retail units will be reshaped to improve clustering, and more than 10,000 sq m of premises will be renovated.

“Our approach is always to understand the needs and desires of the local communities and residents that visit our center”, says Sven Vorih, Managing Partner at CC Real. “These enhancements are designed to further strengthen the role of the center by building on its renowned reputation as the destination to relax, socialize and shop—away from the tourist hotspots in Split city center.”

City Center one Split was developed by CC Real and has been owned and managed by the company since its opening in 2010. In subsequent years, the center has become a firm favorite with locals for its diverse and comprehensive offering, landscaping, and relaxed atmosphere. The latest updates are designed to further strengthen the center’s position as a popular community hub by cultivating an environment where the city’s inhabitants want to spend time.

Revitalizing Split’s favorite shopping destination

CC Real’s investment will see the center undergo significant design transformations and upgrades to ensure its continued evolution to meet customer needs. External design changes to City Center one Split will include a renovated main entrance, alongside the creation of new outdoor F&B terrace spaces for people to unwind and relax.

In upgrading the existing building management system to optimize energy usage, the center aims to reduce its total carbon footprint by 90 tons per year. One of the most significant upgrades is the installation of a new lighting system, which will reduce the center’s energy usage for illumination by 665,000 kWh. These measures are designed to secure a DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certification for the building once complete, which recognizes industry benchmark sustainability credentials.

CC Real is working with TGP International, a global award-winning hospitality agency, specializing in F&B master planning and interior design, to create a fully-fledged entertainment precinct that is a destination for the residents and families of Split.

“We are delighted to be working with CC Real to bring to life a leisure and entertainment concept that will be the first of its kind in the Croatian market”, comments Nichola Beskine-Taylor, Partner at TGP.

Interior improvements will see new seating and the introduction of green elements throughout the center. Improvements will also include significant layout and interior design upgrades to the food court, which opened as the first of its kind on the Adriatic coast. Additional changes will include gallery facades, upgraded escalators, and new lighting throughout the center.

2023’s refurbishment will also target the washrooms throughout the center for overhaul, as well as extensive parking garage revitalization. The latest round of work completely redesigns the parking garage entranceways on all floors to improve the arrival experience, including the addition of side lamellas — as well as new color-coded integration and full LED lighting inside the garage. As the first modern shopping center on the Croatian coast, City Center one Split was the first to introduce many well-known brands to the local and regional market, including Interspar, Peek & Cloppenburg, H&M, Muller, IKEA, C&A, Cineplexx and KFC.


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