13 new brands have arrived on the Czech retail market in the first six months of this year. Most of them are in the fashion, and culinary concept segments. The latter is set to dominate the new arrivals this year: at least six F&B brands should come to the country by the end of the year, and other brands already present plan to open new branches.

After intensive examination, the Group has decided to focus exclusively on the original brand of the same name, “ara Shoes”.

Anyone strolling through Stuttgart cannot avoid Tritschler, a fundamental institution in the city’s specialist retail landscape. The company offers an almost unrivaled selection of tableware and lifestyle products across 3000 sq m on four floors in the middle of the market square.

The British women’s fashion brand Phase Eight will open its first store in Germany on June 30, 2023 at Westfield Centro Oberhausen on an area of around 151 sq m.

“The net to gross the proportion of tenanted space to the public realm is shifting,” states Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director of Portland Design, in his discussion with Reinhard Winiwarter. Developers and asset owners of commercial spaces have no option but to rethink public spaces. But this changes everything and will require new skills to respond.

The Onygo retail chain is expanding its store network with an opening in Munich. On June 30, the fashion and footwear retailer will open a new store in the Bavarian capital.

In addition to lingerie and swimwear, the Hamburg-based fashion company LASCANA offers an extensive fashion range, shoes and accessories at this new location in Cologne and brings this product variety to life with its first fashion store.

The largest outdoor store in Europe occupies a space of 7000 sq m spread across four floors right in the heart of Cologne. Globetrotter is defining the term “experience” in a new way.