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“Placemaking does not have to be a complex configuration of multiple uses, but one that is seen as being in harmony with the people it wants to serve,” states Chris Igwe, Global Retail Expert, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

“Investors are increasingly following high-quality, sustainable, and innovative assets that can provide unique and modern customer experiences,” states Christine Hager, Director of Property Management for Sonae Sierra in Germany, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

“Consistent (growth) performance is returning, but mainly for businesses and entities that truly stayed focused on relentlessly adapting and readapting,” states Henrik Madsen, Chief Executive & Transformation Officer at HMJ International Services Ltd., and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

In an age where businesses and consumers get bombarded with digital communications, relevant information must get to people at the right time. Any mall business that sends generic messages to its tenants or shoppers will quickly lose their interest. Digital platforms are fundamental to improving the performance of shopping malls and their tenants.

“Focusing on the guest experience is central to outlet centres’ outperformance,” states Otto Ambagtsheer, CEO of VIA Outlets, and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

Festive lighting and seasonal decorations remain key to creating the right ambience and attracting visitors during the holiday season. By collaborating with a sustainably-minded festive lighting supplier that offers creativity, innovation, and experience, centers can achieve two objectives: They can support internal sustainability targets and maintain their positions as vibrant community hubs.

“Real estate is a long-term business so many of the challenges are long term in nature too,” states Rüdiger Dany, CEO of NEPI Rockcastle and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

“In the current retail environment, it is the customers’ expectation for personalisation, speed, and lower costs that is driving industry innovation,” states Gregory Fonseca, Director of Architecture at BDP and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

Across the outlet market, we’ve started to see a growing number of brands, including Hugo Boss, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger, actively seeking larger retail spaces with a clear objective: to elevate and enrich the ‘flagship’ outlet in-store experience, explains Dan Mason is Managing Director Realm. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the UK’s first outlet center, and as we look ahead to the next decade for this resilient retail sector, what will be the defining trends of Outlet 3.0?

“One of the most surefire ways for management companies to optimize revenue for brands is to find ways to improve customer loyalty and to ensure both new and repeat visits,” states Sergio Jiménez, Marketing & IT Director at NEINVER.

Many of the headwinds that have buffeted the global economy over the past 12 months remain very much at the forefront of investors’ minds. However, in tandem with this, investors like Mitiska REIM are also seeing a number of structural tailwinds in support of retail parks and wider convenience real estate.

The retail park: a cornerstone of modern consumer culture that has long been a popular destination for shoppers seeking convenience, variety, and an all-in-one shopping experience. As technology and consumer preferences continue to evolve, the future of retail parks faces both challenges and exciting opportunities. Joseph Jarvis, Content Marketer at Chainels, explores how retail parks are likely to adapt and innovate to remain relevant in the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Despite the current unfavorable economic situation in Poland, retail parks are still growing rapidly. Nevertheless, Trei Real Estate Poland has built and opened 35 retail parks under the Vendo Park brand, and has another three scheduled to open later this year. The company may even say that in the face of many market challenges business is going very well.

“We want to see people in our meeting places every day, so we are moving towards creating “work/live/play” retail spaces for everyone”, explains Jens Nielsen, Global Commercial & Digital Director at Ingka Centres. Following this approach, F&B has become a main focus of attention. Ingka developed the Saluhall concept to be a joyful community experience. The flexibility of the new sustainable and social concept offers people the freedom they look for, and the ability to experience life together.

Many customers find it very pleasant when they see an area with a carefully selected product range where they can discover new products! Like online stores, which already make a pre-selection, department stores take up this idea and expand these specific areas enormously, says Anita Stampfl, Special Projects Managerin at HBB Centermanagement in this Q&A on Curated Spaces.

Mixed-use is the order of the day for the entire placemaking industry. As a result, shopping centers have increasingly become home to coworking and flex office solutions. While the flex office market in the US shows a growth rate of 25 percent, more and more European shopping center operators are taking advantage of this fresh source of revenue.

A close cooperation with the brands is the key for success. Fran Gutiérrez, Retail Director NEINVER, explains how this looks like in practice. NEINVER not only supports their brands with technological tools. The company has prioritized people and training as two main pillars in its retail strategy to support brands’ growth.