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Credit: Castellana Properties

Castellana Properties rolls out new air filtration and purification system at its shopping centres, using NASA-based technology

Castellana Properties has rolled out a brand-new air purification system across its shopping centres, using technology developed by NASA and pioneered by ALANI SALUD. AirPure GM is a disinfection system designed to operate inside ventilation ducts, purifying the air within a radius of up to 400 sqm and making the air quality inside a retail space even better than outside air.

Airpure GM uses HEPA filters and activated carbon filters developed to purify the air and surfaces inside any given space, including shops, cinemas, restaurants, offices, leisure centres and schools among others. 

This latest system uses HEPA filters and is able to remove any airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. It can also efficiently capture 99.99% of particles, viruses, bacteria, fumes, mould, odours and VOCs (Volatile Organic Carbon) in the air and on surfaces.

The company has rolled out this new system across all of its shopping centres (Bahía Sur, El Faro, Granaita, Los Arcos, Puerta de Europa and Vallsur), installing at least 77 new air purifiers at each centre.

This latest initiative adds to the more than 200 measures that Castellana Properties has put in place as part of its strict health and hygiene protocol designed to curb the spread of COVID-19 and offer its customers the best and safest experience across all of its shopping centres. 

According to Julio García, Chief Operations Officer at Castellana Properties, “since the onset of the pandemic, we have been deeply committed to ensuring the best and safest shopping experience for all of our customers. We are continuously looking to bring the most advanced solutions on the market to our retail properties, and the installation of these new air purification systems – which will use NASA-based technology to help make our properties even safer places to be – is a sign of this steadfast commitment”.